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Bowlcutters, Grinders, Mincers and Flakers

At Henderson Food Machinery we can supply a wide range of Meat Processing Equipment from many manufacturers.

When purchasing Meat Processing Equipment you will need to look at your required throughputs, what working footprint you have in your facility, also your service requirements.

At Henderson Food Machinery we can supply a wide range of new and used Meat Processing Equipment 

Henderson Food Machinery are experts in supplying the right Meat Processing Equipment within your process 

Machinery available can be electric, pneumatic or manual.

Here at Henderson Food Machinery, we have a great selection of Meat Processing Machinery for you to choose from, we work closely with many manufacturers, ensuring that all machines are fully serviced and maintained, so you can be sure of optimal levels of quality no matter what option you go for. 

We can supply a wide range of new and used Bowl Cutters, Flakers, Mincers and Mixer Grinders from all manufacturers Alpina, Laska, GEA CFS Koppens, Fatosa, Seydelmann, Lakidis, Magurit, Wolfking, Reiser, Nadratowski, Thompson, Butcher Boy and many more 

A Bowlcutter is the ideal machine for anyone that is looking to chop and emulsify various food products be it fresh or frozen. 

A Flaker can cut and slice frozen meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, butter and cheese.

Mincing and Mixer Grinding is ideal for a variety of products giving a good mix and minced finished product.

You can be sure of the highest levels of hygiene and efficiency while choosing our service, as we have carefully sourced all of the machines we have for sale on our website.

We supply a large selection of Meat Processing Equipment  from small production through to large throughput facilities within the meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, cooked meats, ready meals industry and lots more.

We can supply Meat Processing Equipment from standalone machines to integrated production lines

Our new and used Meat Processing Equipment  give customers the opportunity to buy the required model at an affordable price. We can deliver quality service using well-maintained machines

We are sometimes asked to do complete factory clearance sales due to us offering realistic and competitive resale prices (retail selling prices) not dealer pricing.

Also we buy machines and before uploading details want to give customers information quickly 

For further information on this service please feel free to give  Henderson Food Machinery a call to discuss

If you want to discover more information about the Meat Processing Equipment that we supply or have in stock, take a look at the Bowlcutter, Flakers, Mincers and Mixer Grinders we have for sale on this page, and click on the picture to discover more information. If you have any further questions, or would like a helping hand choosing a machine, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.all you need to do is click on the relevant picture and you will find details and some more photographs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Henderson Food Machinery 02890 994 202 or sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

Carruthers Table Top Shredder SH25003 £5000

Carruthers Table Top Shredder SH25003


YOM,  5/10/06

The economical, space-saving Tabletop Shredder is designed to efficiently shred smaller batches of beef, poultry or pork to produce "hand pulled" products without the expense of intensive manual labour. Increased volume, quick cleanup and changeover, saves time and labour costs.

The longer the shredding time, the finer the end product will be.

If a more coarse product is desired, reduce the time accordingly.

Accessories Technical Info:

Low profile and compact design accommodates space constraints and provides smooth unit mobility

The Tabletop Shredder is a batch process designed to give cooked meat fibres that "Hand-Pulled" look and appearance

Ideal for restaurants or small to mid-sized processors producing small batches of shredded cooked meats

The Tabletop Shredder is designed and constructed to maximise uptime through easy operation and maintenance

Its ease of operation and quick changeover saves time and labor costs

Quick processing times

Consistent product shredding; enables control of product appearance from fine to coarse shredded meats

Low labor costs

Easy cleanup; durable stainless steel construction with fully removable components (t-arm, flights, and hopper) for full wash down and sanitation. 

Low maintenance cost

Made in the USA

For further information on the our range of table top shredders contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

Kolbe MWE52 Mixer Grinder £7000

Kolbe MWE52 Mixer Grinder

2004 Machine 

Ideal for use in small to medium meat processors

120 litre hopper capacity

52 size head

Will produce up to 1700 kg/h of product 

Plate diameter 130 mm

Kolbe MW52 comes with the 'autoreverse system' which helps prevent unmixed product being left in the worm. 

The system changes the direction of the mixing paddle in the machine and spins the worm backwards for approx 

2 secs to force any product lying in the worm back into the chamber.

Please call Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com 


Kramer and Grebe G160 Mincer with Tote Bin Loader £8000

Kramer and Grebe G160 mincer with Tote Bin Loader

Ideal for mincing products within the meat, fish, poultry, vegetable or petfood industry. Various mincing plates are available 

Suitable for fresh and flaked frozen meat

2 feeding speeds

1 grinding speed

Tote Bin Loader

Power 400 V, 50 Hz, 32.4kw

Contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com to find further information on this machine and other Mincers, Grinders within our portfolio

KT LM32 Mincer Grinder

KT Mixer Mincer 32

KT LM32A mixer grinder

Small compact machine for butchers, catering establishments, small food producers, ideal for mixing and mincing  of meat, fish, poultry vegetable products.

Designed to increase production. This machine is ideal as the main mincer in the back room and would also comfortably cope with small catering.

Meat mixer with mixer paddles and Hopper.

Hopper capacity 80 litres

Enterprise 32 cutting set

Yield 1,150 kg / hour max.

Drive motor (worm) 3 phase, 3 kW, 4 HP

Drive motor (mixer) 3 phase, 1.1 kW, 1.5 HP

Contact Henderson Food Machinery for further information on 02890 994 202 or sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com 


Lakidis Full Block Flaker

Lakidis Full Block Flaker 

Ideal machine for flaking a variety of frozen products  meat, poultry, petfood, butter, fruit and vegetables 

CE certificate   

Sturdy and well-built machine

Dimensions 2050 x 1100 x 1350

When set up this is an automatic machine for cutting frozen blocks of meat into slices. 

The machines has a stainless steel high speed rotor which rotates and cuts the frozen meat blocks into thin slices of 3-9 mm thickness.

Contact Henderson Food Machinery for further information on 02890 994 202 or sales@hendersonfoidmachinery.com 


MAINCA PC-98/32 Mincer

MAINCA PC-98/32 Mincer

YOM; 2017

Single Phase Machine

This Meat mincer is ideal for fine chopping(' mincing and/ or mixing of meat, both raw and cooked. This MAINCA mincer is also ideal for the likes of fish, vegetables or any similar food. 

Small loading height. 


L; 830mm



Technical information;

KW; 2,25

V; 230

Hz; 50

A; 12

For further information please contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02844 944 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com 

Nowicki T600 Meat Tenderiser £15000

Nowicki Tenderiser

Type T600-98212033

Belt width 600mm

Year of construction 2012

Continuous belt fed designed for tenderising  both sides of  meat muscles surface in order to increase absorption of brine and eating texture. Suitable for pork and beef products. 

Belt is 600 mm wide and the machine is mounted on wheels for ease of moving in and out of production areas.

Requires 3 phase power supply.

Number of cutting shafts 2

Length 1820 mm

Width 130 mm

Height 1300 mm

Weight 650 kg

Stainless steel

Henderson Food Machinery can supply a variety of machines to suit your processing requirements for further information please contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

SCHARFEN Meat Tenderiser Type TH

SCHARFEN Meat Tenderiser Type TH 


Single Phase Machine 

This Meat Tenderiser consists of 527 small knives that tenderises the meat without damaging the shape or appearence of the meat. This machine tenderises meat up to 14cm of thickness.

Gross Weight;74KG








For further information please contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02844 944 202 or email sales@Hendersonfoodmachinery.com


Talsa K30E Bowl Cutter

TALSA K30e Bowl Cutter


Small compact Bowl Cutter ideal for cutting up various products within meat, fish, poultry, vegetable industry

3 phase machine 

Bowl Capacity 30L

Approximate meat capacity of bowl; 22KG


L; 780mm



Approx net weight; 350kg

Voltage 400 

Hz 50

For further information please contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02844 944 202 or email sales@Hendersonfoodmachinery.com

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Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

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