Carruthers Table Top Meat & Poultry Shredder


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Carruthers Table Top Shredder 

The economical, space-saving Tabletop Shredder is designed to efficiently shred smaller batches of beef, poultry or pork to produce "hand pulled" products without the expense of intensive manual labour. Increased volume, quick cleanup and changeover, saves time and labour costs.

The longer the shredding time, the finer the end product will be.

If a more coarse product is desired, reduce the time accordingly.

Accessories Technical Info:

Low profile and compact design accommodates space constraints and provides smooth unit mobility

The Tabletop Shredder is a batch process designed to give cooked meat fibres that "Hand-Pulled" look and appearance

Ideal for restaurants or small to mid-sized processors producing small batches of shredded cooked meats

The Tabletop Shredder is designed and constructed to maximise uptime through easy operation and maintenance

Its ease of operation and quick changeover saves time and labor costs

Quick processing times

Consistent product shredding; enables control of product appearance from fine to coarse shredded meats

Low labor costs

Easy cleanup; durable stainless steel construction with fully removable components (t-arm, flights, and hopper) for full wash down and sanitation. 

Low maintenance cost

Made in the USA

For further information on the table top shredder contact Henderson Food Machinery 

sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com or call 02890 994 202

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Carruthers Auto Shredder

Carruthers Auto Shredder

Carruthers shredders give cooked meat fibres that "Hand-Pulled" look. Our Auto-Shredder is for high capacity continuous process output while our Table Top Shredder is for smaller, batch process applications.

Key Specs Features Accessories Technical Info

Carruthers Auto-Shredder is a continuous flow machine allowing for a smooth integration into any processing line.

Designed to easily break down tough products such as cooked beef logs with the same 

efficiency as it does softer products such as cooked chicken breast.

Optional pre-break system that serves as both a product metering device and initial size

reduction tool which minimises breakage and maximises yield.

All mechanisms (auger, main spindle, drum, pre-break and shredding cage) function via the 

shredder's direct drive for increased efficiency and a longer wear life.

Variable frequency drive speed control for greater product flexibility.

A retractable drum, quick release radials and flight rods as well as a removable drive shaft and auger provides easy access to the machine's components for improved sanitation and better hygiene.

Constructed of stainless steel, the Auto-Shredder also features a number of angled surfaces and reduced hollow zones for improved water run off to prevent microbial buildup.

Carruthers Shredders are designed and constructed to make operation and maintenance easier to maximise uptime.

Innovative design

Controllable product appearance fine to coarse

Multi-product versatility

Fast, high volume processing

Low maintenance cost

Made in the USA

For further information on the Carruthers Auto Shredder contact Henderson Food Machinery 

sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com or 02890 994 202 


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