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Wire Belt Conveyor with Vibratory Shaker


HFM Rating

Wire Belt Conveyor with Vibratory Shaker 

2 In Stock 

Conveyor 1

300mm Wide, 3500 Length

Conveyor 2 

350mm Wide, 2200 Length 

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02890 994 202 or sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

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200mm Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

200mm Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor 

Year of Manufacture; 1997

Length 3500mm

Width 800mm

Single Phase machine

Please contact Henderson Food Machinery for further information on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodfoodmachinery.com

90 Degree Wire Belt Conveyer

90 Degree Wire Belt Conveyer

Right -> Left direction of movement 

3 phase machine


Belt Width-900mm

For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890994202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com



Betti NB50 End Load Cartoner and Glueing Machine £5000

Betti NB50 End Load Cartoner Glueing Machine

2003 Machine

Flat cartons are loaded on the blanks magazine and automatically conveyed to the forming system. Once in the machine, the cartons undergo marking on the outside flap, gluing and bottom closure, before reaching the filling area.

Filling is done using the system most suitable for the Customer's product.

The carton is then glued and sealed on top before being conveyed to the outfeed conveyor.

It is also complete with:

- Production speed adjustment with electronic system.

- Size changeover adjustment.

- Continual regulation of product weight and volume.

- Production and feed automatic devices.

- Electronic unit for programming and storing gluing parameters and other automation parameters.

Suitable for meeting the needs of customers who do not require high-speed production. Versatile, reliable, strong and reasonably priced. Suitable for packing granular products, powders, pasta, etc., with volumetric dosing or electronic weighers. 

This cartoner efficiently solves the problems of companies needing to pack numerous types of cartons because size-groups can be quickly changed even by non-skilled staff. 

Contact Henderson Food Machinery for further information on 02890 994 202 or sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com



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