Ilapak Vegetronic VT2000/400 VFFS With PFM Multihead Weigher


HFM Rating

Ilapak Vegetronic VT2000/400 VFFS Bagging Machine

400mm wide Jaw

2005 Machine

Gas Flushing

Zip bag set up 

Previously used in the Dairy Industry 

ILAPAK Vegatronic 2000/400  VFFS machine. 

Is  a high-quality, high-end range machine with excellent cleaning design. 

Ideal to run a wide variety of packs including  transverse zipper bags suitable to many industries such as produce, diary, IQF, bakery, confectionery and many others.

ILAPAK's Vegatronic series of vertical packaging machinery can produce the highest quality and most innovative range of pack styles, whilst delivering flexibility and exceptional performance. 

The Vegatronic series is ideal for loose products, fresh or frozen produce, powders, granulated products and many more applications.

Ilapack Vegatronic 2000/400 VFFS machine with transdirectional zipper applicator system.

The transdirectional zipper applicator is located between the film unwind and the forming tube of the Ilapak machine. 

The male and female halves of the zipper material are mated and the material is wound on a roll. 

This material is fed in from the side and tack sealed to the film web with a heat bar.

The film then goes over the forming tube.

Sealing jaws make horizontal cross seals to form the top of an exiting pack and the bottom of the next pack. 

The sealing jaws are specially designed to heat seal the zipper profile to the film and to perforate the top of the bag just above the zipper feature.


PFM Multi-Head Weigher 

2011 Machine

Model 14 C2

2 Litre Buckets

Dimple Buckets

PLC Controlled

Ideal for a variety of products with meat, fish, poultry, dairy, vegetables, fruit and repacking industry.

PFM/MBP Weighers are designed for high-speed, high-precision weighing of various types of products

Parameter settings reduced to just three sets of data. 

The rest are entered automatically by means of highly developed real-time functions which represent a considerable improvement on manual entry.

Multimedia software based on Windows, can be controlled remotely, wireless.

Controlled through industrial PC with extremely powerful processor.

No springs on buckets.

Removable and interchangeable modules.

Powerful, precise vibrating bases.

IP66 protection rating; can therefore be washed down.

How the weigher works.

The operator enters the parameters for the weight with upper and lower limits, production speed and central plate parameters.

The weigher then automatically regulates the following on an individual basis:

Amplitude and optimum vibration times of the side vibrating channels

Distribution of weight between the buckets.

Optimum number of buckets involved in the discharge.

Environmental vibration annulment function always activated and adjustable.

As a result of these functions intervention by the operator is reduced to almost zero. 

Over time the weigher "learns" to adapt to the product and working environment, using machine data  systematically memorised in the specific recipe.

In addition, the weigher adapts continuously to changing conditions in its working environment.

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