Apple Multi Pitch Indexing Track


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Apple Multi Pitch Tray Indexing Track

The Multi Pitch Indexing Track has the ability to process trays with various insert configurations. The Indexing Pitch required is simply programmed into the operator interface panel built into the main control panel. Once each tray configuration is programmed , the programmes is then saved into,the menu screen within the operator panel.

These depositing units are ideally suited for operation with the tray Indexing Track as their unique construction allows for close proximity centred trays. 

30 indexes per minute, if processing a 6 Tray across configuration creates 180 indexes every minute

Highest safety standards on this machine.

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Apple Depositors

Apple Range of Depositors 


The MR900 series depositor is pneumatically operated and can be supplied with four sizes of product cylinder. This provides an accurate depositing weight range of 20-1250g, up to 60 cycles per minute. The machine is extremely robust and is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions with the minimum maintenance. ‘Lubrication free’ pneumatic components can be fitted as an option.


Stainless Steel Decorating Heads incorporating plain tubes or star tubes can be manufactured to deposit a unique and individual finish to savoury products, cakes and Gateaux. Food quality Nylon decorating heads can also  be manufactured, creating a wider diversity of unique patterns and even more complex decorating options.


The MR2000 Depositor is a precision built unit which operates by compressed air. Each unit has the capability of depositing between 100–2000ml per cycle, ensuring a high degree of accuracy throughout the weight range. The MR2000 depositor is a versatile machine designed to be simple and efficient in operation. With minimal moving parts in contact with the product, cleaning time is kept at a minimum and routine maintenance suitable for semi-skilled operators.


The MINI-METERITE MR150 series depositor is fitted with a standard product cylinder giving a weight range of 2-150ml. The weight control is easily adjusted in seconds. The machine is available with a standard 14 litre or 28 litre conical hopper, however common hoppers with multiple outlets can be supplied (for multi lane systems). A total of 250mm of height adjustment is available when the unit is fitted to the telescopic stand. An intermediate height stand can be supplied for use with the flexible handgun outlet.


The MD65 series Micro Depositor was designed to compliment the existing range of Apple depositors, particularly to offer unbelievable accuracy over a small deposit range and provide a speed uncommon in most volumetric filling machines. A cycle rate of up to 90 cycles per minute is possible. Typical products range from smooth sauces and homogenised creams to particulate materials like Vol au Vent fillings and sweet mincemeat's.


Simplicity is the main feature of the Low level Easy Fill MR900, allowing unskilled operators to easily strip down the machine for cleaning and product changeovers. Deposit volume and speed controls can be adjusted in seconds. The MR900 series depositor is pneumatically operated and can be supplied with four sizes of product cylinder. This provides an accurate depositing weight range of 20-1250g, up to 60 cycles per minute.


The new TP1750 transfer pump is built to the same high standards as our proven range of METERITE depositors. Constructed throughout in Stainless Steel. Fully pneumatic in operation and capable of pumping 2.1 tonnes per hour at 20 cycles per minute.  Whisper quiet in operation, the TP1750 is built with minimum components for easy strip down and product changeovers. The unique modular pump mechanism can be fitted with an interchangeable butterfly or lost movement piston depending on  product viscosity, allowing delicate food products to flow totally unrestricted.


The New PRO-PORTIONER 20 is an all electric tabletop depositing system designed to deposit a wide range of smooth free-flowing products to an outstanding repeatable accuracy through it’s easy to use operator panel. The pro-portioner can be fitted with a wide range of outlets. The outlets can range from a simple tube outlet to a flexible hand gun with trigger for depositing liquids, gels, batters (even with small particulates) to injection needles (to inject cakes, buns, with jams creams etc).

For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com 


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Apple Doughnut Injection Systems

Apple Doughnut Injection System


Doughnut Injection Systems

Apple Food System's latest innovation is the fully automated doughnut injection system. Designed to accurately fill up to 25,000 doughnuts per hour, this equipment gives the customer improved efficiency and product quality control. Each lane is individually controlled to detect doughnuts thereby giving a no doughnut/ no fill signal. Positive detection results in an accurate injection of custard, chocolate sauce, jam or jelly. Weights can be calibrated in a range from 1 to 30 grams with accuracy normally better than +/-0.5 gram dependent on viscosity. Jam supply to the equipment is via a pressurised manifold with sensors to indicate pressure and temperature of the product being injected, together with the usage. 

For further information Contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or emailsales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

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Apple ED900 Depositor

Apple ED900 Depositor  

Electro Pneumatic Depositor 

The ED900 Electro/Pneumatic Depositor has been specifically designed to meet the demands of today's automated production industry. All machine adjustment for depositing volume and operating speeds are rapidly selected from a user-friendly operator panel. A pre-programmed menu is available for multiple product selection. Maintenance and operation diagnostics are easily monitored to enhance production efficiency. ED900 Electro Pneumatic Depositor can be supplied for single or Multi lane applications with mounting configurations to suit individual requirements. The depositor incorporates a safety device which guarantees the air supply is isolated prior to disassembly.

One of the unique advantages of the ED900 is Depositor set up time which is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to the simple one step-product calibration. The ED900 can be delivered to the application single- and Multi-row, mounting configuration that meets your individual requirements.

Many types of outlet can be supplied , for example:GP Outlets for liquids and solids in suspension, Suck Back outlets fitted with special heads for cake decoration, Rotary  Spreader Outlets provide full cover spread of material within trays.

For further information Contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

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