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Fischbein Saxon Sealer SB2000


HFM Rating

Fischbein Saxon Sealer SB2000

The machine has been designed for use in the sectors medical, pharmaceutical, high end quality food products, chemical where a valid and calibrated seal is required

The customer will be able to record all the set parameters relating to the sealing of the bag

The Saxon SB 2000 sealer uses the principle of heat transfer by conduction where fixed heating elements heat the bags by direct contact through a pair of bands

These bands have high thermal conductivity and move in synchronisation with transport belts

The Saxon SB 2000 sealer features 6 heater blocks which are individually controlled by a PID with digital readouts

The PID is incorporated into the PLC, accessible through the human interface control panel

Bag feeding will not be possible until the required temperature and correct pressure to the cylinders are reached, therefore ensuring a seal that is produced within the predefined values

The VFD (variable frequency drive) speed controller is incorporated into the HMI control panel


Power supply 240 V, 3 Ph

Power of heaters 2000W

Maximum current 10.5A

Temperature control 6 PIDs

Speed 6.2m/min to 14.1m/min

Protection gate preventing bag feeding and alarm and alert message to ensure the sealing process

Seal width up to 14 mm

Stainless steel 430 construction

Vortex cooling

HMI human interface control panel


IP54 version

The set parameters will refer to a large number of elements

1. Seal temperature setting

2. Seal temperature reading

3. Speed setting

4. Speed reading

5. Pressure reading

6. Heater blocks pressure setting

7. Pressure wheel pressure setting

8. Alarms

9. Band break

10. Bag counter

11. Heater failure

12. Calibration point for independent verification of temperature

13. Identified password for each operator

Henderson Food Machinery can supply this Saxon Sealer SB2000, for further information contact our office on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com


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