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Heller 1500L Through Door Vacuum Tumbler


HFM Rating

Heller 1500L Through Door Vacuum Tumbler

3 Phase Machine

A very large capacity for large scale jobs, flows in a horizontal rotation.

Stainless Steel

Control pannel with the option to set selected interval/stoppage times. 

Vacuum Pump

Front load/rear discharge

Ideal for a variety of applications, massaging of cooked cured products , salt impregnation braising and in depth salting of dry cured products, dry salting, seasoning, marinating, game and goulash, mixing of salads , dressing and sauces , seasoning and processing of fish and seafood products. The tumbling motion flips marinade continuously onto food, massaging it into the meat to produce moist , flavourful product every time.

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Compensatory shock absorber for tough meats.

Possibility of blocking the movable roller to obtain a higher tenderisation or fixed roller speed variation to obtain a higher tenderisation or possibility of combining all the above options to obtain a much higher tenderisation.

Interchangeable blank roller for working with skin-on products.

Easy access for maintenance and cleaning

Pictures taken before cleaning.

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Manual Your perfect partner for treating meat destined for steaks, skewers, marinades, ham preparations and brine-based preparations. Mounted on a base made from top-grade material. Designed and shaped in such a way that even the toughest piece of meat is tenderised while retaining its flavour and appearance. All parts are manufactured from high-grade rustproof materials and stainless steel.

The blade block consists of 544 razor-sharp 0.08 cm blades. The blades are manufactured from elastically hardened steel. This material enables each blade to return to its original position after the action to prick the meat. So that the meat is not damaged. The blades are straight, so it is not possible to damage or tear the meat. No lubricating of the guides required: so, less maintenance. Tenderising board made from high-grade polyethylene. The board makes a diagonal movement as the meat is being tenderised.

The dimensions are H900mm x W400mm x L590mm

For further information contact Henderson Food on 02890 994 202

or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com


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