Line Equipment LE400 VFFS Bagger


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The LE400 vertical form fill and seal packaging machine is our most compact, small footprint bagger. Jaw width up to 400 mm and up to 600 mm length bag sizes, filling granules, powder, liquids and solids, and other products across most industries. 

There are many LE400s working throughout the world packaging granules, powder, liquids and solids, salads, vegetables and other applications across most industries.

The Line Equipment VFFS works with various filling methods and has a full range of optional add-ons available, including zip applicator and MAP capabilities.

Bag sizes between/up to 400mm width and 600mm length

Bag Sizes. 100 – 450 mm wide x 600 mm long.

Bag Filling Speed. Up to 50 bags per. minute.

Footprint. 1540 mm wide, 2100 mm depth, 2375 mm height.

Low Drop Option. For reduced product damage

Stainless steel construction

Menu driven PLC for operator ease of use

Simple, fast size changes

Wide bag size range

Production of different bag styles (gusseted bags, carrying handle, etc)

Heat seal and/or polyethylene packs

Servo or pneumatically controlled horizontal sealed jaws

Horizontal jaw obstruction detector

Reel run out detector

Print registration unit

Quad bags

Zip applicator for re-closeable bag

Polyethylene sealing system

Gas flushing MAP capabilities

Static eliminator

Heated Euroslot

Air extraction

Overprinter bracket/Overprinter

Bag tapper

Punch hole

Take off conveyor

Adjustable pack support

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For further information on our Multihead weighing machines or any of our other machines, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at Henderson Food Machinery.

Call +44 (0)28 90 994 202 or email 


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