Meatlbud Nowicki Cutter KN 60



Henderson Food Machinery work in partnership with Metalbud Nowicki. We can supply a wide range of their products.

Metalbud Nowicki Cutter KN-60 is designed to produce all kinds of meat stuffing with different degrees of crumbling and fat emulsions, also from raw skins, for small scale meat plants, cutters of bowl capacity of 60, 90, & 125L


stainless steel construction

high quality and repeatability of stuffing production

versatility: besides cutting, mixing of stuffing is also possible

high-speed rotations of knife head (cutting rotations)

microprocessor control system

smooth control of cutting and mixing rotations

possibility of programming up to 40 technological programs

possibility of changing the language of operator panel

stuffing unloader

automatic water dosage system

effective noise insulation cover

head with cutting knives not requiring regulation of distance from bowl

equal stuff crumbling in all the bowl’s volume caused by “cutting in the air”

stuffing temperature control

possibility to install a higher power motor for heavy stuffing production

hydraulic loading and unloading system

hydraulically operated front and back covers of the bowl

monitoring system of the current machine operation, auto diagnostic and sound signaling system

complete work safety system

modern and ergonomic construction of the machine

construction meets the highest hygiene requirements (flat surfaces inclined at an angle of 3 degrees)

automatic central lubrication system

product contact surfaces are polished

emergency STOP for bowl drive and cutterhead drive 

removing of current disturbance through the use of variable frequency drive of cutter.

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Technical Data

Electric 380v 50 Hz

Capacity Max 1500 kg/h

Length 135 cm

Width 75 cm

Height 130 cm

Weight 65 kg

Henderson Food Machinery can supply a variety of Forming equipment and machines, please contact sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com or phone 02890 994 202




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