Treif Felix 100-CE Dicer


HFM Rating

Treif Felix 100-CE Dicer 

Model 100-CE

2017 Machine

Three Phase Machine

Dicing with Treif

Top cutting quality thanks to sensor-based cutting technology

Small cleaning effort thanks to the hygienic design that is thought out to every detail for optimum cutting conditions, hygiene cylinder

Ideal cutting conditions thanks to product specific accessories, e.g. gentle cut grid set for tender products like fresh meat

Small Compact Dicer 

5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm Dicing Set

Ideal for dicing various products meat, fish, poultry,cheese vegetables and other applications 

The spacious 96 mm / 3 4/5" cutting chamber enables the product to be loaded comfortably without the inconvenience of pre-cutting. 

The unique dual-stroke, two-part grid system facilitates precise dicing and stripe slicing of the most delicate products by providing twice the normal cutting length at reduced cutting pressure.

The drive is synched automatically after the machine is turned on.

The separating slide operates in a curving motion. This enables user-friendly, one-hand operation. 

Shearing cut: The minimum distance between the grid and the cutting knife ensures excellent slicing results and prevents the formation of so-called "cube strings".

Wide range of application options

Inconvenient pre-cutting of the products is a thing of the past thanks to the spacious cutting chamber

Optimum product compression as a result of the automatic pre compression system.

The compact and space-saving design is perfectly suited for the needs of small businesses.

Gentle cut of delicate products as a result of the dual-stroke technology.

It provides dual cutting lengths at a reduced cutting pressure.

The „click & go“ quick change grid-set system ensures that the grids can be exchanged in a matter of seconds if they need to be replaced or cleaned.

Throughputs 800K/G per hour product dependent. 

Operating voltage ; 415v

Control voltage ; 230v

Rated current; 3A

Supply line current ; 10A





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