Echo Premade Pouch Filling Machine


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Echo Premade Pouch Filling Machine

Model: MR8 - 200C

This machine was previously used for packing confectionery into premade pouches

Capable of packing 1000 - 2700 bags per hour

Bag size: W100 - 200mm x L150 - 300mm

Material: All laminated film bags

Fully automatic 8 station intermittent rotary pouch filler for preformed bags

Opening and closing machine

Safety guard protected for high speed and consistent production

Heavy duty components and parts are selected for machine durability

Hygienic construction with easy cleaning

Operator friendly design, touch screen control system

Versatile design, easy to link up with Multi-Head Weigher

Suitable to use as powder or liquid filler into premade pouches

Machine Dimensions: H1455 x W1450 x L1645

Electric Power:

Main machine power: 0.75kw

Machine output power: 0.95kw

Vacuum pump power: 1.1kw

Bag feeding motor 1: 25w

Bag feeding motor 2: 25w

Bag feeding motor 3: 25w

Heating pipe: L type 10 x 230L    300w x 220v    4 pipes

Intermittent Mechanism: BYH-100-6-120

Vacuum Pump: KPX6-P-V-03

Overload protection

Air pressure pump specs:

Exhaust pressure: 0.8mPa     Air Displacement≥0.6m?/min

Power supply

Driver power AC320V      Controlled power DC24V


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