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N&N 600 Litre Vacuum Tumbler


HFM Rating

N&N 600  Litre Vacuum Tumbler

N&N 600 litre Vacuum Tumbler

Nadratowski mixer

Tilting Tumbler

Built in Vacuum Pump

Plug & Play Machine

Can be set up to run various program mixers and vacuum tumbling

Cement mixer type tumbler with PLC Mitsubishi touch screen control panel and built in vacuum pump.

Ideal for mixing and tumbling various products with or without vacuum

The Tumbler has a variable direction of rotation and a variable position angle.

The mixing process is carried out at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum

Suitable for use within a variety of applications: meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables or cereals industry.

Fully programmable: speed, time and vacuum.

Tumbler discharges the product straight into 200 litre tote bins.

Height 1700mm

Length 1930mm

Width    1460mm

Machine will lift to 2100mm

Discharge into Tote Bins

Cement type Tumbler with built in vacuum pump plug and play machine

Discharges product straight into Tote bins can be supplied with Tote Bin loader

We can supply all machines from the N&N range of Tilting Vacuum Tumblers.

The N&N 600 litre Vacuum Tumbler is an ideal machine for mixing, marinating all types of food products within the meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, dairy, cereal, confectionery, petfood and sandwich filling industry.

Also, N&N Vacuum Tumblers produce a gentle mixing action which reduces particulate destruction maintaining the product structure and its original quality, the tilting and turning of the Vacuum Tumbler is very gentle.

For further information on the N&N 600L Vacuum Tumbler or any of our other machines, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at Henderson Food Machinery.

Call +44 (0)28 90 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

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For further information please contact Henderson Food Machinery on 0044 2890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com


HFM Ratings

HFM offer a rating on all our used machinery you can see the star rating on every used machine we have for sale.

We believe as a growing company and our realisation of customer expectations you need to create a star rating system this gives peace of mind so when buying machinery you feel comfortable, if you are not happy with your purchase we will refund the full purchase price.

Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

You can contact our team at anytime and we will give you a true written assessment on your machinery enquiry


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Old Machine Needs Work But Can be Fixed

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