Thissen & Stecher Combi-cooking Kettle


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Thissen & Stecher Combi-cooking Kettle

The Combi cooking kettle from Thissen & Stecher are characterised by:

Reliability, Sustainability, Robust Appearance, Hygienic design and Energy saving technology.

It comes with spring hinges and a sloping bottom to help drainage. 

The inner kettle and outer shall and cover are fully insulated.

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more on Thissen & Stecher 120 Litre Electric Tilting Cooking Vessel

Thissen & Stecher 120 Litre Electric Tilting Cooking Vessel

Thissen & Stecher 120 Litre Electric Tilting Cooking Vessel

Ideal machine for melting products also suitable for soup, sauces, ready meal manufacturing, bakeries and other food processing companies

Superb compact machine  

Capacity 120 litres

Electrically heated (direct)

Stainless Steel Vessel

Inner kettle is fully insulated

Lid supported by a hinge, adjustable to any angle.

Automatic tilt-able vessel

Stainless steel adjustable legs

Scrape Surface Agitator is easily removable with a quick device change can then be used as a boiling kettle

Agitator with 3 scrapers on the base of the Vessel

Removable mixing grid with side scraper is included.

Waters Supply is included on all vessels

Easy operating microprocessor ADITEC MKA 120:

Product and base temperature are controlled.

Base temperature up to 200 °C.

Cooking time and preheat time.

Agitator rotation speed 5 – 20 RPM.

Rotation Direction of Scraper: clockwise, counter clockwise and variable clockwise / counter clockwise.

We can also supply Thissen & Stetcher vessels with Gas or Steam

Please contact Henderson Food Machinery for any of your cooking requirements needed within your process our sales team are here to help and guide you through the process call us on 02890 994 202 or emails

more on Thissen & Stecher 1500 Litre Cooking Vessel with Scrape Surface Stirrer

Thissen & Stecher 1500 Litre Cooking Vessel with Scrape Surface Stirrer

Thissen & Stecher 1500 Litre Cooking Vessel with Scrape Surface Stirrer


1500 liter agitator cooking kettle

Easy operating microprocessor ADITEC MIC 900 touch control.

Electric Cooking Vessel

Ideal for coking sauces, soups, stews, ready meals

Call Henderson Food Machinery for further information on 02890 994 202 or email 

more on Thissen & Stecher 300 Litre Tilting Wok

Thissen & Stecher 300 Litre Tilting Wok

Thissen & Stecher BV produces woks for processing various food-products. This wok is particularly suitable for preparing pasta, vegetables, sauces, ready-made meals, etc. and is heated electrically. The unit is manufactured with high-quality components. 

• Flexible cooking and homogeneous mixing by selectable drum positions.

• Mixing arms with scrapers.

• Adjustable speed of the mixing arms.

• Heaters are directly placed against the bottom of the kettle

• Maximum heating surface.

• Mesh lid to drain fluids.

• Easy operating touch controller ADITEC MIC 900.

• Capacity 300 litres.

• Watersupply with flowmeter (option).

• CE certified.

• Hygienic design according to HACCP.

• Low maintenance.

Please contact our team at HFM for more information on +44 (0) 2890 994 202 or email us on

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