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Deighton Rotary Drum Breader Duster

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Deighton Rotary Drum Breader Duster 200mm wide

The Deighton Rotary Drum Breader Duster is the ideal solution for products of an irregular shaped surface which require a home-style final appearance. 

The Breader Duster is consequently the perfect piece of machinery for a range of manufacturers and factories such as butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets, bakeries and many more food industry manufacturers. 

HFM have a range of Deighton machinery to meet your production needs, from breader dusters to full frying lines such as the battering,breading, crumbing and frying lines. We have a variety of machinery to meet your business needs.

The Deighton Drum Breader can be used as both a pre-duster or as a breader, this allows you to specifically meet your individual business needs. 

The Deighton machine is easy and efficient to use helping boost productivity.

The machine user places the irregular shaped product into the shoot of the machine. The rotary drum will then pre-dust or bread the product depending on your requirements. Once the product has been breaded or pre-dusted the final product will automatically enter the conveyor belt allowing the user to safely collect the final product. 

Product Description:

The Deighton Rotary Drum is easy to set up without consuming a lot of time away from production, this allows the user to boost productivity within the firm.

The Breader Duster is a reliable machine due to the high degree repeatability process, this allows the machine user to maintain a high degree of control over the production line.

Deighton Rotarty Drum Breader Duster features an independent variable speed drive for the infeed conveyor and drum rotational speed, further allowing the product user greater control over the pre-dusting/breading process.

Alongside the speed drive the Deighton machine also features a vertical auger, cross feed auger and discharge conveyor, these features aid the efficiency and productivity of the breader duster allowing the user to meet their individual business needs.

In order to maintain the quality of coating, the rotary drum machine has a breading shifter conveyor in additional to push control buttons. 

Versatility of the breader duster is increased due to the adjustable drum angle, adjustable drum speed, adjustable flour bed and constant flour feeding. Not only does this increase the versatility it also ensures constant flour feeding improving the consistency of the flour on the end product. 

The Deighton Rotary Drum Breader Duster is suited for a wide range of coated products including boneless and bone-in products. The Deighton machine has the capability to be set up as a preduster applicator for a whole muscle product, bone-in product and a range of other products. 

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