CRM Simplexmatic 300 Inline Slicer


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CRM Simplexmatic 300 Inline Slicer


Product Information:

Belt Fed system.

6-50mm Blade Settings.

The CRM Simplexmatic range of multiblade slicers can, in a single, four-second cycle, cut an entire piece of meat into slices of equal width, eliminating nearly all waste.

In a single minute, our machines can produce 200 slices of beef, chicken, de-boned pork loin, best end of veal, or turkey rump, with a notable saving in time and costs.

The width of the slices can be set from 6 to 50 mm. by simply and easily replacing the blade housing.

The CRM Simplexmatic range is manufactured entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel that is bacteria resistant and fitted with protective equipment to provide maximum safety.

The areas that meet food are easily inspected and cleaned, supporting a full washdown of the machine.

The machines can be fitted with an optional internal pressure washer.


The CRM Simplexmatic slicers therefore provide high productivity with reduced labour requirements, cutting both production time and costs.



Greater production in less time

Machines can be used by non-specialist operators 


Consistent, uniform slices

Reduced product handling for better hygiene


CE-compliant safety systems

Easy to use


Complete washdown

Self-contained cleaning systems

Tool-free disassembly


Removable blade die

New ergonomic design

Ideal for slicing a variety of meats, fish, and poultry products


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For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email

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For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email

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For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email


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