Thompson Mixer Grinder 5000


HFM Rating

Thompson Mixer Grinder 5000

Industrial, heavy duty machine designed specifically for large volume Mixing and Grinding

530 L Bowl Capacity

Production rate

Primary cut - 5000 Kg per hour through 13 mm hole plate

Secondary cut - 2800 Kg per hour through 3 mm hole plate

Driven by high performance motors

High quality cut and product consistency

Quiet and continuous trouble free production


15Kw Helical Mince drive

Removable stainless steel barrel assembly for easier cleaning

Mixing action ensures an efficient mix and dispensation of the product

Counter-balanced safety interlocked domed lid complete with viewing grills

Compact design with only 1709 mm x 967 mm of floor area required, excluding barrel and accessories

56 Series (152 mm) cutting head size

Smooth corners and surface finish make for easier cleaning

Stainless steel machine body, barrel, feed screw, lock ring and mixing paddle

Fully seam welded bowl, welded both inside and outside

Safe and efficient removal of knives, plates and feed screw


22kw Mince motor

Segmented removable stainless steel barrel system

Feed screw knife and plate carriage

66 Series (220mm) Cutting Head size

Heavy duty stainless steel castors

Liquid or ingredients channel to lid

De-bone/De-gristle cutting systems

Gemini system

Product Discharge Chute, empties bowl without process through Mixer Head

The 5000 series Mixer Grinder has the option of a Product Discharge Chute, a pneumatically controlled door on the end of the bowl that enables the contents of the bowl to be emptied without passing through the Feed screw and cutting system.

On a conventional Mixer Grinder the product goes through the process twice, once during the primary first cut reducing primal or meat trimming to a smaller particle size before being mixed with ingredients and then secondary cut to empty the product from the bowl

Auto Reverse Feed screw

During the mix cycle the Auto Reverse Feed screw intermittently operates in reverse, which displaces most of the product from the feed screw ensuring the batch is more efficiently blended

This reduces the amount of unmixed product that needs to be discharged from the Feed screw and then re-added at the end of the mixing cycle

Henderson Food Machinery can supply this Thompson Mixer Grinder 5000 and many other models in the Thompson range. For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email 

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Thompson 2000 Mixer Grinder

Thompson 2000 Mixer Grinder 

Thompson 2000 Mixer Grinder 

Thompson’s 2000 Series Mixer-Grinder is an efficient and powerful machine capable of a large throughput and a big mixing capacity (190 L bowl). 

The unit is fitted with two independent helical reduction motors which deliver quiet and continuous operation with minimal downtime.

Helical Mince Drive for efficient discharge, minimising squashing and pulping of product.

304 Stainless Steel construction, including body, barrel, feed screw, lock ring and mixing paddle.

Fully Seam Welded Bowl, welded inside and out for hygiene, with smooth corner design and surface finish.

Ergonomic due to low loading height of 1069 mm.

24 V AC control circuit and full overload protection of motors.

Product 13 mm Hole Plate 5 mm Hole Plate 3 mm Hole Plate

Throughputs 2000 kg/h

Secondary Cut 1400 kg/h

Mince Motor 5.5 kW

Mix Motor 1.1 kW

Bowl Capacity 190 L

Mix Capacity 120 kg (fresh trim)

Power Supply 20 Amp D Curve Circuit Breaker

Full Load Current 14 Amps

Dimensions 1440L x 1140W x 1460H mm

Weight 440 kg

For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email 


more on Thompson 4000 Mixer Grinder

Thompson 4000 Mixer Grinder

Thompson 4000 Mixer Grinder

The performance of the 4000 Series speaks for itself

Time and again sausage manufacturers have commented about the processing capabilities of the 4000 machines

The standard cutting head on the 4000 Series is 56 (152mm or 6")

The optional cutting heads are 66 (220 mm or 8 5/8) or GU double cut system.

These cutting heads deliver high production rates to a variety of products from Tempered or Flaked Frozen Meat to Light Fresh Mince

The construction of the 4000 series is robust and built to last, used in high production facilities it is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability

Constructed from high quality stainless steel a strong structured framework supports a thick gauge mixing bowl and panels that are fully seam welded both inside and outside the bowl

The strong mixing paddle made from stainless steel is standard with a choice of either Tinned or Stainless steel grinding heads and feed screws

The standard height machines have a domed lid with an open grilled section for adding ingredients or viewing of the mix cycle


The drives are independent direct drive design

Dimensions L x D x H  900 x 770 x 1250 mm

Hopper capacity 200 Litre, 56 Head

Up to 4000Kg an hour

Gross weight 550Kg

Power 20HP Twin Speed 3 Phase

Grind motor 15.0kw

Mix Motor 1.5kw


For further information on our Thompson range or any of our other machines , please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at Henderson Food Machinery.

Call +44 (0)28 90 994 202 or email  


more on Thompson 4200 Mixer Grinder

Thompson 4200 Mixer Grinder

Thompson 4200 Mixer Grinder

Within the mixing paddle cycle, product is free tumbled from top to bottom to top and from corner to corner within the bowl to deliver a very homogeneous mix within a short time period

Forward and reverse paddle action to avoid overmixing

For fresh meat and down to minus 4

Smart design, specifically designed paddle blade angles and configurations maximise the product displacement and movement within corresponding mixing bowls that have been specifically contoured to accentuate the mixing action


Ingredients chute can be fitted

Mix timer can be fitted

200L Stainless steel Tote Bin Lift

Stand to allow discharge into tote bin

Henderson Food machinery can supply this Thompson 4200 Mixer Grinder.

For further information on our Thompson range or any of our other machines , please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at Henderson Food Machinery.

Call +44 (0)28 90 994 202 or email  


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