MHS PCE KS 70 Slicer Chopcutter


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MHS PCE KS 70 Slicer Chopcutter

The PCE series KS is ideal for supermarkets, butchers, meat processors and can also be used in vegetable production and for many more application solutions.

It is a compact and easy machine to use, due to having a simple operating system, making it very user friendly.

With this PCE KS Chopcutter Slicer machine you can easily cut meat, sausages, cheese and especially meat products that contain bones such as chops and T-bone steaks.

Slicing result:

The MHS PCE KS 70 Chopcutter slicer also offers a precise result for on the bone products due to MHS micro-toothed blade. Due to less friction on structural surfaces it also provides an exact feed. The forward feed can be selectable, continuous or step by step. Optimum hold is also ensured due to the adjustable gripper (optional)


The MHS PCE KS 70 Chopcutter has a strong drive, making it excellent for meat containing bones. It has a conveyor belt (optional), shingling and separation of products in conjunction with a conveyor belt (optionally available), reverse executions (optional), stainless steel flaps (optional), diversification of machines in product cross section and product length (optional). The machines are also available with 210x230 mm, 250x240 mm or 360x220 mm cutting grids.


Max input length 750 mm

Cutting width 1 - 32 mm

Slices per minute 440

Power 400V, 50 Hz, 2.7 - 4.5 kW

Dimensions 1925 x 1175 x 1450mm

Weight 500 kg

Suitable for Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Cheese and various other products

Can be used for Slicing various Vegetables and root vegetables

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