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Oops! The ThompsonTM-300 Vacuum Tumbler is no longer available, please call us and we can help you find a similar machine.

ThompsonTM-300 Vacuum Tumbler

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Thompson TM-300 Vacuum Tumbler

300 Litre Vacuum Tumbler

Built in Vacuum Tumbler

The TM Series tumblers/massagers are constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel, BUSCH vacuum pumps with liquid trap, variable speed, continuous vacuum and reverse discharge function. Great for marinated products.

The Thompson TM-300 continuous style marinating vacuum tumbler utilisers a vacuum system that allows vacuum to be drawn, vented and re-drawn all while the drum is in motion.

This system and the PV-03 microprocessor control panel allows the TM-300 provide greater pick up due to the “sponge effect” caused by this system.

Another advantage to the Thompson 300 PV-03 control system is the “set it and forget it” capability when your operation calls for multiple vacuum, vent and mixing cycles as the desired sequence can all be programmed into the Promax 300 PV-03 controller then the machine is automatic after the cycle has begun. All this makes the TM Series the machines to have when you are ready to take your vacuum marinating operation to the next level.

The Thompson TM300 continuous marinating vacuum tumbler utilisers an internal vacuum snorkel that allows the vacuum inside the drum to be pulled and vented while the machine is still in the mixing mode. This system allows for greater pick up due to the “sponge” effect thus giving your product more of the value-added flavour a you use a continuous marinating

All stainless-steel construction and extended height, to allow 200 litre stainless steel tote bins to be placed under the machine.
Standard Features:

All 304 Stainless Steel Construction

In place sensor for the vacuum hose will not allow the drum to turn with the vacuum hose connected

Analog Vacuum Gauge

Analog timer for mixing time

Frequency motor drive for precise control of mixing speed

DVP-20 European manufactured vacuum pump

Busch vacuum pump

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