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Kolbe MW 100 Mixer Grinder & Kolbe PM 150 Minced Meat Portioning Line


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Kolbe MW 100 Mixer Grinder & Kolbe PM 150 Minced Meat Portioning Line 

The Kolbe MW100 Mixer Grinder is suitable for use in small to medium supermarkets and meat processors that wish to produce sausage mix or minced meat in batches up to 160lb.

The MW100 is a high-performance mincer grinder capable of producing 1100kg/h of product whilst ensuring gentle processing and a well displayed end product. 

The mixer grinder is made from quality stainless steel.

The MW100 mixer grinder features 'automatic reverse' of the mixing arm. This enables fast and consistent mix of product while ensuring that virtually no product is left unmixed in the worm, this feature almost eliminates the need for putting that first few pounds back in the hopper.

Kolbe MW100 Mixer Grinder weight: 420kg 

Kolbe MW Mixer Grinder Mixing Motor 0.75kW (1HP)

Kolbe MW Mixer Grinder Hopper Capacity 80ltr / 130-160lb

Kolbe PM 150 Portioner (For use only to Kolbe Mixer / Grinder)

The Kolbe PM 150 minced meat portioning line is designed for the medium size producer wanting attractive portions of mince ready for loading trays with reasonably accurate weight control. 

This machine is ideal for the production of continuous, portioned minced meat products. Loading through the integrated belt, stepless adjustment of portion sizes 200g - 800g.

Lean meat and fat can be carefully mixed together using any of the Kolbe mixer / grinders' range, and then minced out with minimal temperature change onto paper which runs into the PM150 portioner ready for cutting at the set length.

This length of minced meat can be easily adjusted for weight control. 

The mincemeat line is built to a high standard and is extremely easy to clean. 

Portable machine.

Machine dimensions: Dimensions W616mm x D1407mm x H1185mm

Connection Height 700 - 900mm

Portioning cross section 75mm x 150mm

Conveyor belt dimensions 200mm x 2435mm x 1mm

Voltage 415 3 Phase as standard

Blade Speed 0.40m/s

Portioning Length 60mm - 280mm

Portion Weight 200g - 800g

Weight 141kg

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