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Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers

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Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers

HFM also supply an extensive range of Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers

Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers are ideal machines for packing food and non-food products, stainless steel machine.

Ideal for use in Hotels, Restaurants, Delis, Caterers, Butchers, Bakeries, Test Kitchens, Vegetable Suppliers, Fish, Poultry, Meat Factories, Ready Meal Companies, other manufacturing business and Pharmaceutical Companies. 

The Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers are easy to use and allows you to view products being packed due to the transparent lid on the machine

Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers

Floor standing machines are single chamber, standalone vacuum packer designed for packing food and non–food products into bags pouches made of barrier film.

Stainless steel machines suitable for wet plants and factories.

The Tepro Floor Standing Vacuum Packers is equipped with two sealing boards and vacuum pump with efficiency of 63m3/h.

Another option with the Tepro floor standing vacuum packer can be two parallel sealing boards.

Sealing board systems allows for fast and easy, tool-free disassembly, which makes it easier to keep the machine clean.

We can also offer a larger vacuum pump of 100m3/h.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging system “MAP”, or thermal film cutting system.

Microprocessor driver with digital vacuum measurement is installed in the machines.

25 programs within machine.

Programs allow the setup of all key parameters of the packing process vacuum, gas, sealing time, cutting time.

Parameters are displayed on the LCD display in real-time during the packing process.

Extra features:

Program times: allows to automatically stop the pumping process in case the chamber pressure remains the same after the program has started. This function is especially important when packing products with high moisture content, giving optimal vacuum level preventing over working of products.

Pause vacuum: this function allows to setup vacuum intervals, to get a gentle, and accurate evacuation of the air hidden in porous products, and from the products with air bubbles. Function modular parameters are the vacuum value, that starts the vacuum interval, and the interval time (function available on request).

Soft air–locking: this function is possible to gently airlock the chamber after finishing process. It is applied in case of packing delicate and sharp–edge products. The process enables to secure the product and its package against damage (function available on request).

Cycle counter with reset function

Function to test the tightness of the chamber, and the vacuum system


Floor Standing model Pump: various sizes

Overall dimensions (mm): various sizes

Chamber size (mm): various sizes

Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components. It is also commonly used to store dry foods over a long period of time, such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, and potato chips (crisps) and many more food applications, pharmaceutical and other non-food products.

For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com 

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