Ishida IX-GN-4043 Inline X-Ray Machine


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Ishida IX-GN-4043 Inline X-Ray Machine

The IX-GN X-ray inspection system offers exceptional quality control for an extensive range of products. 

Using this machine, you can optimise the detection of unwanted items within your product. By doing so, you can ensure safety of your customers, and your brand reputation.

Additional Features:

Very versatile - caters to a range of packed, or unpacked products.

GA image processing automatically generates optimal sensitivity, achieving fastest product changeovers.

It has an integrated air-cooling system, as well as a user-friendly 17" touch screen control, making production more manageable to control.

High-level image processing technology to simultaneously detect foreign objects and accurately inspect products.

The sensitivity of the object detection is improved, taking into consideration your products individual attributes and mask areas that could provide false positives, helping increase the machines accuracy. 

Technology to estimate the weight of the item being inspected. This feature may come in useful for continuous packaged goods where individual weights have been possible. This feature could also assist with the ranking of agricultural and marine products.

The machine makes it an impressive piece of equipment, constructed with stainless steel, and the inspection chamber is designed to be waterproof.

It is easy to clean and will ultimately increase efficiency of your production, as less time is required for cleaning.

If required a protective curtain and conveyor it can be easily removed without tools.

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For further information contact Henderson Food Machinery on 02890 994 202 or email


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