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Kolbe Mincers Mixer Grinders

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We have a range of Kolbe Fresh & Frozen Mincer Grinders available at HFM.

Kolbe Mincers Mixer Grinders

Ideal for Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables etc. 


Kolbe MW32-45 Mixer Grinder is ideal for small caterers, food processors, manufacturers and butchers producing small batches of sausages, burger meat, mash potato and petfoods. 

Capable of mixing a maximum of 45 litre or 60lb of product at any one time and has a throughput of 950kg/h. 

Available in single or three phase electric supply both of which have a 3kW4HP worm drive motor. The worm drive motor can be increased in the mixer grinder to 4kW 5.4HP as an option in the three phase mixer grinder only.

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder weight : 260kg

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder Hopper Capacity : 45Ltr/20-60lbs

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder Mixing Motor : 0.5HP 0.37kW

Kolbe AW52-240 Meat Mincer is an automatic industrial meat mincing machine, proficient in mincing both fresh and frozen meat. This large floor standing food processor with its crossfeed grinders can be tailored to the produce different cuts of meat.

Throughputs of 3000kg/h and main drive power of 15kW this machine is ideal for industrial companies. 

Mixer Grinder - AW52-240 - Throughput - 3000kg/h

Mixer Grinder - AW52-240 - Main Drive Motor - 15kW

Mixer Grinder - AW52-240 - Weight - 950kg

Kolbe AWK52-160 Automatic Meat Mincer is the smallest of Kolbe's cross feed machines. This high performance machine with its compact construction produced throughputs of 2500kg/h and main drive power of 15kW.

Suitable for processing big meat part, fresh and frozen up to -15°. Easy operating system with a push button operation.

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Throughput - 2500kg/h

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Main Drive Motor - 15kW or 22kW

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Weight - 800kg

Kolbe AWM52-240 Industrial Mixer Grinder is an stainless steel industrial mixer grinder, equipped with a feeding hopper with access protection frame to allow for continuous loading of the machine. 

Within the hopper there is a large feed worm that slowly reverses during the mixing to make sure all of the product with the hopper is being mixed consistently.

Mixer Grinder - AWM52-240- Hopper Capacity - 220ltr/440lb

Mixer Grinder - AWM52-240- Throughput - 3000kg/h

Mixer Grinder - AWM52-240- Main Drive Motor - 15kW

Mixer Grinder - AWM52-240- Feeding Worm Motor - 1.5kW

Mixer Grinder - AWM52-240- Weight - 950kg

Kolbe AWM56-240 Industrial Mixer Grinder is constructed with the highest quality stainless steel, this 56 size head has a 220 litre hopper that is capable of holding up to 200kg of product at a time.

With its automatic crossfeed mixer grinders are equipped with a mixing arm this machine has a throughput of 4000kg/h.

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Hopper Capacity - 220ltr/440lb

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Throughput - 4000kg/h

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Main Drive Motor - 40 HP (30kW)

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Feeding Worm Motor - 2HP(1.5kW)

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-240 - Weight - 1000kg

Kolbe Minced Meat Portion Line & Mixer Grinder is a meat portioning machine line consisting of the Kolbe MWK32-80 Mixer Grinder that minces out the product onto the PM150 portioner, ready for cutting and shaping.

Available in portion sizes between 200g up to 800g. A number of combinations can be made depending the quantity needed.

A number of combinations can be made depending the quantity needed.

Kolbe MW100 Mixer Grinder & Kolbe PM150 Minced Meat Portioning Line is a high-performance mincer grinder capable of producing 1100kg/h of product whilst ensuring gentle processing and a well displayed end product. 

This machine is ideal for the production of continuous, portioned minced meat products. Loading through the integrated belt, stemless adjustment of portion sizes 200g - 800g. Lean meat and fat can be carefully mixed together using any of the Kolbe mixer/grinders' range.

Kolbe MW100 Mixer Grinder weight: 420kg 

Kolbe MW Mixer Grinder Mixing Motor 0.75kW (1HP)

Kolbe MW Mixer Grinder Hopper Capacity 80ltr / 130-160lb

Kolbe PM 150 Portioner Connection Height 700 - 900mm

Kolbe PM 150 Portioner Portioning cross section 75mm x 150mm

Kolbe PM 150 Portioner Conveyor belt dimensions 200mm x 2435mm x 1mm

Kolbe MW52-120 Mixer Grinder is one or the larger mixer grinders used for portioning. With its bigger cut system the grinder is able to process bigger parts through the machine to a temperature up to -8 °.

This high performance mixer grinder is can produce throughputs of 1700kg/h and main drive power of 10HP.

Mixer Grinder - MW52-120 - Hopper Capacity - 120ltr/240lb

Mixer Grinder - MW52-120 - Throughput (@3mm) - 1700kg/h

Mixer Grinder - MW52-120 - Main Drive Motor - 10 HP

Mixer Grinder - MW52-120 - Mixing Motor - 1.5HP (1.51W)

Mixer Grinder - MW52-120 - Weight - 495kg 

Kolbe MW56-200 Mixer Grinder is capable of processing small meat pieces at temperatures as low as -8 degrees. One of the largest of the MW series, the MW56-200 is equipped with an integrated grate insert that has a variable speed control of the mixing arm.

This high performance mixer grinder is can produce throughputs of 2250kg/h and main drive power of 24HP. 

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-200 - Hopper Capacity - 200ltr/400lb

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-200 - Throughput (@3mm) - 2250kg/h

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-200 - Main Drive Motor - 24HP (18.5kW)

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-200 - Mixing Motor - 2HP (1.5kW)

Mixer Grinder - AWM56-200 - Weight - 825-925kg

Kolbe MW56-330 Industrial Mixer Grinder is a new model within the Kolbe range. The mixer grinder comes complete with a hoist and set up for knives and plates. With the included hoist the machine can run continually outputting between 2750-3000kg per hour.

Ideal for medium to large food processing units.

Mixer Grinder - MW56-330 - Hopper Capacity - 330ltr/660lb

Mixer Grinder - MW56-330 - Throughput (@3mm) - 2750kg/hr

Mixer Grinder - MW56-330 - Main Drive Motor - 24HP (18.5kW)

Mixer Grinder - MW56-330 - Feeding Worm Motor - 2HP(1.5kW)

Mixer Grinder - MW56-330 - Weight - 1375-1475kg

Kolbe MWE52 Mixer Grinder system changes the direction of the mixing paddle in the machine and spins the worm backwards for approx 2 secs to force any product lying in the worm back into the chamber.

Kolbe MW52 comes with the 'auto reverse system' which helps prevent unmixed product being left in the worm. 

Ideal for use in small to medium meat processors.

Mixer Grinder - MWE52  - Hopper Capacity - 120ltr

Mixer Grinder - MWE52  - Throughput (@3mm) - 1700kg/hr

Mixer Grinder - MWE52  - Main Drive Motor - 10HP

Mixer Grinder - MWE52  - Weight - 495kg

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder is the latest addition to the Kolbe range of mixer grinders. The MWK32-45 mincer grinder is ideal for butchers producing small batches of sausage and burger meat. Complete with an L&W knife and 4.5mm mincing plate.

The MWK32-45 mixer grinder is high-performance and capable of mixing a maximum of 45 litre or 60lb of product at any one time and has a throughput of 950kg/h. 

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder Weight : 260kg

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder Hopper Capacity : 45Ltr/20-60lbs

Kolbe MWK32-45 Mixer Grinder Mixing Motor : 0.5HP 0.37kW

Kolbe MWK32-80 Mixer Grinder is regarded as one of the best 32 sized mixer grinders on the market. Ideal for small to medium businesses with productivity up to batches of 160lb. The MWK32-80 comes with a choice of the main drive motor power of 4kW or 5.5kW, based on the customers need for the machine.

Kolbe MWK32-80 machine are usually found in meat wholesalers and bigger butchers. 

Mixer Grinder - MWK32-80 - Hopper Capacity - 80ltr/130-160lb

Mixer Grinder - MWK32-80 - Throughput - 1100kg/h

Mixer Grinder - MWK32-80 - Main Drive Motor - 5.4 or 7.4 HP (4 or 5.5kW)

Mixer Grinder - MWK32-80 - Mixing Motor - 1HP (0.75kW)

Mixer Grinder - MWK32-80 - Weight - 420kg

Kolbe SW100 Floor Standing Meat Mincer is a high performing meat mincing machine made from stainless steel. The SW100 is made without dirt traps and rounded corners meaning for easy and hygienic cleaning of the machine. 

Ideal for a busy butchers in the production of meat products.

Kolbe SW100 - Throughput - 950kg/hour

Kolbe SW100 - Motor - 4HP

Kolbe SW100 - Weight - 97kg

Kolbe TW100 Table Top Meat Mincer is the largest table top mincer from Kolbe. This high performing meat mincing machine with its main drive power of 4HP meaning for large throughput.

The large feed pan of the TW100 meat mincer is made without dirt traps and with rounded corners to enable fast and easy cleaning and a high level of hygiene. 

This Table Top Meat Mincer is ideal for butchers are supermarkets.

Kolbe TW100 - Throughput - 950kg/hour

Kolbe TW100 - Motor - 4HP

Kolbe TW100 - Weight - 97kg

See the PDF specification on each of the machines in the PDF tab above.

For further information on these Kolbe machines call HFM on 02890 994 202 or email sales@hendersonfoodmachinery.com

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