Metal Detectors

We can offer a wide range of Metal Detectors with Conveyors to Pipeline Detectors 

In the food production industry, metal is one of the most commonly found contaminants in foods. 

Metal can be get into products at any stages of processing of food, as it is most commonly used in the construction of machinery, handling equipment and ancillary utensils. 

Types of Contaminants

There are three main groups of metallic contaminants that a food metal detector can sense:



Types of Metal Detector for the Food Industry

Search Heads

Conveyor based Systems

Pipeline for Pumped Products

Vertical Fall or Gravity Feed

Foil-Packed Products

Foil tray products that are packed in metal, in aluminium or wrapped in aluminium foil will normally be passed through a conventional metal detector system before they are packed. When this is not possible, products packed in foil must go through a specialist ‘ferrous-in-foil’ detector

We can supply metal detetors into the following sectors 



Fruit  Vegetables

Ready Meals








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Metal Detectors Machines

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Metal Detector

Inline Metal Detector

The metal detector is normally mounted on a transport system consisting of a conveyor belt, on which to place the product to be checked, loose or packaged.

The machine can be equipped with numerous accessories

COEL designs and manufactures customized installations for the customer or, alternatively, supplies only the metal detector to be installed on pre-existing belts or machines.

The detector is normally supplied with several appropriately sized test samples of metallic material to verify and check the detection ability.


The size of the passage useful for the passage of the product through the metal detector is variable, in order to be able to control any product and provide maximum performance in the most difficult conditions of use

The metal detector is available in the Monoblock solution (Comp-Al and TUNN-AL integrated in the same structure) or in the solution in separate groups (Comp-Al and TUNN-AL placed at a distance): the METALIM metal detector is adaptable to any installation.

All heads are made with a shot peened finish for maximum hygiene.


CO-EL offers two different solutions for housing the metal detector and for transporting the product to be checked: structure in shot-peened stainless steel (suitable for humid work environments) and structure in anodized aluminium profiles (dry work environments).

Both versions have the following basic features:

Solid and compact structure, compliant in all its parts with the Hygiene Regulations on food products, with IP55 protection or higher on request.

On request, inclined structure for lifting belts.

Conveyor belt in food grade polyurethane. Other tape types available on request.

Height of the transport surface established according to the needs of use and subsequently adjustable.

Advancement speed of the belt established according to the needs of use, also variable with variable speed motor or integrated inverter.

In case of detection of metal contaminant in the product in transit, the system can command numerous secondary devices.

It is possible to connect the system to other machines in line (checkweighers, packaging machines).

Both solutions are compatible with all types of accessories in the catalogue, unless otherwise indicated.

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Pipe Line Metal Detector

Pipe Line Metal Detector 

Pipeline Metal Detector is normally mounted on a support structure: the product to be checked passes through a pipe inside the metal detector.

The pipeline detector is normally supplied with several appropriately sized test samples of metallic material to verify and check the detection ability.

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Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

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