Bakery Proofer


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Bakery Proofer

Bakery Dough Proofing machine are  specially designed for both Hot and Cold climates

Dough is circulated at all of the pockets one by one with the transferring method

Recommended circulation in cold climate is 8 minutes and in the hot is 5 minutes

Transfer mechanism is adjustable so both left and right outlet can be used

The conveying nets are plastic and removable so easy cleaning and optimal hygiene can be achieved

Portable machine

Transparent viewing windows to observe the Dough

Control panel is fully protected against electrical errors such as wrong phases/connections


Speed controller

Dough detection sensor

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email

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more on  Rotary Rack Bakery Oven

Rotary Rack Bakery Oven

Rotary Rack Bakery Oven 

Main feature of this oven is the equal heat distribution, which operates at high production and regular circulation, which is achieved by well designed heat exchangers

This ensures more uniform baking with lower energy consumption

The Burning Chamber is manufactured from special stainless steel able to withstand 1000 degrees c

The Plate Tube system produces high levels of steam which adequately provides both the pans

The Halogen lamps which are mounted on the door provide excellent illumination and it is easy to replace the lamps

The Hood and Aspirator system prevents the steam entering the room where it is installed

The Baking Chamber, all outside Hoods and Chimney Hood are all manufactured from stainless steel

It is recommended that a water softening unit is fitted to the water supply of all ovens

The main feature is that the Burner is located in the front side of the oven.

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email

more on Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine

Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine

Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine

Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine, works compatible with the removable bowl and mobile Mixers

The Automatic bowl tilting machine helps us to lift and discharge the dough into the dough divider hopper from the mobile bowl mixer

When the bowl reaches the highest point of the lift it automatically turns and discharges all the dough by help of a scraper

When discharging process finishes,  the bowl lowers very softly by means of the speed control device

Henderson Food Machinery can supply this Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine.

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email

more on Baguette Moulder

Baguette Moulder

Baguette Moulder

Baguette Moulder sheets and moulds elongated loaves to specified lengths

Portable machine and easily adapted to any dough processing line

Synchronized operation with intermediate proofer

Structure in painted steel

Maximum baguette length 700 mm

Rollers and moving parts mounted on ball bearings

Rollers are covered by stainless steel

Dough entry Hopper is made of stainless steel

Mounted on stand with wheels

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email


HFM Ratings

HFM offer a rating on all our used machinery you can see the star rating on every used machine we have for sale.

We believe as a growing company and our realisation of customer expectations you need to create a star rating system this gives peace of mind so when buying machinery you feel comfortable, if you are not happy with your purchase we will refund the full purchase price.

Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

You can contact our team at anytime and we will give you a true written assessment on your machinery enquiry


Superb Plug and Play Machine

Very Good Condition

Used Machine Will Need Work Going Forward

Old Machine Needs Work But Can be Fixed

Ideal For Spare Parts