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HFM can supply an extensive and varied selection of new and used food processing and packaging machinery.

We work closely with quality suppliers of new and used food machinery, when we are sourcing equipment on behalf of customers we make sure that we offer the right machinery for the right application and that all machines are user friendly especially in today’s marketplace

Our range of new and used equipment is extensive as you will see from our categories, we can supply into many sectors, meat, fish, poultry food factories plants and manufacturers, catering butcher, bakers, hotels, restaurants, ready meal manufacturers, vegetable and salad producers, contract packers, fish processors, fast food outlets, dairies, sauce soups factories, drinks and liquid manufacturers, petfood companies, confectionary, Fruit and Brewing Industry.

Henderson Food Machinery will only supply quality machinery with excellent customer service working closely with our partners.


The HFM Team is committed to find solutions that will help our customers to grow and succeed.

Our policy will be setting the industry standard in supplying new and used food processing and packaging equipment.

Our experienced team will help source the perfect package to suit your product requirements, also your brand and objectives for profitability.


The HFM commitment starts from the first point of contact and continues till the end with service and support.

HFM work closely with most food processing and packaging machinery manufacturers, so when selling machines we can offer the right advice, giving you peace of mind going forward with your purchases.

HFM aims to be your first choice for New and Used Food Processing and Packaging Machinery. So why not give us a call to discuss your present or future machinery requirements or if you have any surplus equipment for sale.

We can supply a wide range of equipment for most applications such as:


Bag Sealers and VFFS Machines

Bakery Equipment


Battering, Breading, Frying and Coating Equipment

Bowl Cutters and Emulsifying Machinery

Canning Equipment

Complete Lines Processing and Packaging Lines


Cooker, Cooling Vessels, Ovens


Dicers and Slicers

End of Line Equipment

Fish Machinery

Frozen Flakers & Breakers

Flowwrappers and Stretch Wrappers

Forming Equipment

Freezing Equipment

Grinders fresh and Frozen

Infrabaker Infra-Red Ovens

Injectors single to Multi-Needle and Tenderisers

Labelling Systems

Lifting, Tipping and Screw Augers

Metal Detectors and Checkweighers

Mincers small to large fresh and frozen

Mixers twin shaft paddle mixers, Z Arm, Spiral, Bakery and other types of food mixing equipment

Packaging Machinery

Pasta equipment

Refrigeration machinery

Spiral Freezers, Orange Freezing Equipment


Thompson Mincers & Grinders

Tote Bins

Tray Sealers


Vacuum Fillers

Vacuum Packers

Vegetable Machines

Washing & Cleaning Equipment

Weighing Systems Multihead, Linear and Scales

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more on Sormac Onion Peeler

Sormac Onion Peeler

Sormac Onion Peeler

Sormac Onion Peeler USM-S60

Manufactured in 2017

The Sormac Onion Peeler effectively peels the skin for the onion, removing a labour intensive, tedious task of peeling onions. Allowing greater productivity and efficiency in your production line.

The machine operator simply places the onions individually into the conveyor section. The conveyor transports the onions automatically to the rotating knives cutting the top and tail of the onion. From this the cutting arms horizontally cuts around the onion and are picked up by a double holding-arm system fitted with rotating holders.

While the onion is in the holding-arm the rotation action allows the onion to spin in its own axis where the complete onion is cut. During this cut air is blown into this action and removes the skin of the onion. 

Depth of the cut is adjustable.

Adaptation of the Sormac USM-S60 is controlled from the outside of the machine through the hand wheel, allowing the machine to be adjusted to several onion diameters, even during production.

The Sormac Onion Peeler is capable of 60 onions per minute. The speed of the conveyor can be easily adjusted to meet your specific business requirements.

Suitable for onions with a diameter of 55 -120mm.

This Sormac Onion Peeler is perfect for generating a greater yield in production as little waste is generated.

Manufactured with a hygienic design allowing greater time in production rather than cleaning and maintaining the Sormac Onion Peeler.

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email 

more on Complete Battering, Breading Frying Line

Complete Battering, Breading Frying Line

Complete Battering, Breading Frying Line

The Complete Battering, Breading Frying Line is made up of a range of machinery including, Deighton Burger Former and Pre-duster alongside Koppens Battering, Breading and Fryer. 

The Frying Line has previously been previously used in a poultry facility but can be used for a range of products such as meat, fish, poultry, vegetarian products and french fries/chips.

Both the Koppens Battering and Breading components are 200mm while the Mobilfritt Fryer is 350mm .

The Complete Frying Line is the perfect solution from the very start of your production to frying the end product.

The Frying Line is manufactured from stainless steel allows greater productivity and efficiency of the line as less time is spent maintaining and cleaning the machinery. 

Variable speed conveyor allows the product user to adjust the speed of production depending on their specific requirements.

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email

more on Nock TFE350A Salmon Skinner

Nock TFE350A Salmon Skinner

Nock TFE350A Salmon Skinner

Nock Salmon Skinner

The Nock Salmon Skinner is a high quality automatic fish skinner with Nock scale ice machine as a result of the freeze drum technology.

Constructed of hard anodized aluminium ensuring durability and prevention of reaction with acidic foods.

Rotating band blade ensuring high quality, precise and thin skinning of the salmon. The blades remain clean through the water jets and scraper during the production. To ensure this quality remains there is an integrated blade sharpening.

The water jets also allows ensures reliability on to the freeze drum allowing the product to freeze alongside using a low water consumption.

The Nock Salmon Skinner housing is manufactured from stainless steel allowing the product user ease of cleaning and maintaining, helping increase productivity and efficiency of production.

Nock TFE350A provides 2-5% greater yield than other fish skinning machinery. Salmon Skinner is capable of skinning a range of different structures or sizes of fillets for different types of fish.

Salmon Skinner is particularly suitable for fish fillets with soft skin (i.e. defrosted).

Product Features:

Skinning Depth: up to 10mm 

Cutting Width: 370-375mm

Cutting Speed: 17m/minute

For further information contact HFM on 02890 994 202 or email


HFM Ratings

HFM offer a rating on all our used machinery you can see the star rating on every used machine we have for sale.

We believe as a growing company and our realisation of customer expectations you need to create a star rating system this gives peace of mind so when buying machinery you feel comfortable, if you are not happy with your purchase we will refund the full purchase price.

Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

You can contact our team at anytime and we will give you a true written assessment on your machinery enquiry


Superb Plug and Play Machine

Very Good Condition

Used Machine Will Need Work Going Forward

Old Machine Needs Work But Can be Fixed

Ideal For Spare Parts