Brokelmann Walk Through Shoe Sole Washer


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Brokelmann Walk Through Shoe Sole Washer


Shoe Sole Washer

Can be supplied as straight walk through or with sanitising unit and turnstile.

Brokelmann Shoe Sole Washer is designed to reduce the introduction of contamination when passing in or out of food production areas and allow your facilities to meet health and safety requirements.

Brokelmann Walk Through Shoe Sole Washer is ideal for factories within the meat, fish, poultry, ready meals, vegetables, petfoods and many more food facilities.

Walk Through Sole Washers allows the disinfectant solution to be sprayed onto the brushes, once the individual has went through the washer the machine automatically turns off saving on solution and power consumption. 

At HFM we have a wide range of sanitising equipment .

Additional Features:

Manufactured in stainless steel.

Adjustable legs height.

Easy access to brushes for cleaning and changing.

Durable hand rails for greater safety

LED lights indicating machine status

Stainless steel step for entering and exiting shoe sole washer

Emergency stop button preventing brushes from rotating

Product specification:

Machine power supply: 400V 50Hz

Water intake 3/4"

Water offtake Ø 50mm

Dimensions: 700x743x1100mm

*Please click PDF for More details on the Brokelmann Walk Through Sole Shoe Washer*

We also have available

Disinfecting Hygiene Station with Sole Washing

Brokelmann All-In-One Multipurpose Hand Sanitising and Boot Washing Hygiene Station

Brokelmann Integrate Hygiene Station allows you to maximise your health and safety measures within your facility. 

The Brokelmann Hygiene Station is ideal for factories producing a range of different products such as meat, fish, poultry, ready meals and many more products.

This all-in-one multipurpose machine is the perfect solution to meet your hygiene needs. 

The turnstile hygiene station allows the individual to walk through the station ensuring hands and shoes are disinfected before exiting through the turnstile. Therefore, helping reduce the risk of cross contamination in your production process.

To ensure hands and boots are fully sanitised, the multi purpose sanitising station allows individuals to place their hands into the machine, disinfectant will then be released. Following this the user walks down the brushes allowing their boots to be disinfected.

The turnstile will then unlock allowing the individual to enter the factory. 

Product Description:

Hygiene station is manufactured from stainless steel 

Adjustable leg height

Brokelmann station is extremely durable and heavy duty

Turnstile on the right side or on the left side

Turnstile rotates in one or both directions

2 rotating brushes

LED lighting to indicate machine status

Efficient and effective sanitisation of hands and sole of shoes

Prevents individual from passing through turnstile without sanitising both hands and shoes

Brushes automatically stop when individual leaves disinfecting machine

Easy maintenance of machinery including replacement of brushes

LED lights indicate when machine is low on disinfectant

Emergency Stop button system for preventing brush rotation indicated by LED. 

Product specification:

Machine power supply: 400V/50 Hz

Control voltage: 24V DC

Power 0,6kW

Water intake 3/4"

Water offtake Ø50mm

*Please click PDF for Brokelmann Disinfecting Hygiene Station*

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