Machine Categories


8 - Machines Available

HFM Range of New Equipment

14 - Machines Available

OKI Continuous Hot Air Rotary Bag Band Sealer Systems

2 - Machines Available

Salva Bakery Mixers, Convection Ovens, Pastry Dividers, Moulders, Proofers

6 - Machines Available

Apple Soup Sauce Ready Meal Depositors Decorating Heads Herb Applicators Injection Systems

10 - Machines Available

Infrabaker Infrared Inline Ovens Meat Fish Poultry Vegetables Bakery Machinery

3 - Machines Available

Orange Freezing Spiral Freezers IQF Freezers Impingement Freezers Contact Freezers Chilling

4 - Machines Available

Siat Box Taping Machines Case Sealers Closers Pallet Stretch Wrappers

5 - Machines Available

Butchery Equipment Bowlcutters Mincers Bandsaws Slicers Dicers Packing Machinery

36 - Machines Available

JayCraft Root Vegetable Peelers Slicers Dicers Washers Salad Equipment

15 - Machines Available

QPM Metal Detectors X Ray Inspection Checkweighers Scales

5 - Machines Available

Tepro Vacuum Packers Table Top Floor Standing Semi or Fully Automatic Machines

3 - Machines Available

CRM Fresh Cooked Meat Cheese Poultry Fish Slicing Equipment

5 - Machines Available

Metalbud Nowicki Frozen Fresh Meat Fish Poultry Grinders Bowlcutters Brine Injectors Vacuum Tumblers

46 - Machines Available

Rational Cooking Systems Self Cooking Center Vario Cooking Center Combi Master Plus Ovens

11 - Machines Available

Thissen & Stecher Cooking Cooling Vessels Pasta Rice Cookers Steam Electric Gas

5 - Machines Available

Deighton Burger Cookie Formers Battering Breading Coating Frying Equipment

20 - Machines Available

N&N Nadratowski Havantec Mixers, Mixer Grinders, Vacuum Tumblers, Loaders

34 - Machines Available

Robot Coupe Industrial Commercial Kitchen Blenders Mixers Food Processors Vegetable Prep Equipment

8 - Machines Available

Used Food Processing Machinery Equipment

100 - Machines Available

GPS Reisacher Slicing Thermoformer Packaging Equipment

3 - Machines Available

Niro Tech Slaughterhouse Equipment Food Processing Machinery

16 - Machines Available

Rotech Sleeve Pouch Printing Machines

4 - Machines Available

Used Tray Sealers Packaging Machinery Equipment

55 - Machines Available


HFM Ratings

HFM offer a rating on all our used machinery you can see the star rating on every used machine we have for sale.

We believe as a growing company and our realisation of customer expectations you need to create a star rating system this gives peace of mind so when buying machinery you feel comfortable, if you are not happy with your purchase we will refund the full purchase price.

Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

You can contact our team at anytime and we will give you a true written assessment on your machinery enquiry


Superb Plug and Play Machine

Very Good Condition

Used Machine Will Need Work Going Forward

Old Machine Needs Work But Can be Fixed

Ideal For Spare Parts